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nissan gtr 3d model

download link

Carsmodels v004_1 (4).txt


High detailed models created in Rhino (nurbs)

Included in the max file.

The awesome nissan GT-R model with the rims,
dunlop tire sp sport maxx gt 600 dsst ctt,
toyo tire proxes r888,
adv1 rims.

All organized by layers, easy to rig (wheels need camber).

Great textures added (diffuse, bump, reflection maps (sidewall and tread 4k resolution), tire uv & texture path ready (ao baked for tread)

100% 3D headlight, taillight, blinkers.

Files are saved has .max 2014 for best compatibility with the 'Tex' folder.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank your for buying my models.

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